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Collection winter 2018

Collection Handbags 2018

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  • Product I 100% QualityNatural fur
  • Product II The best designsfrom our designers
  • Product III Large gridsSize: 42-64


Ukrainian company "Adonis" is a clothing creator of elegant style for fashionable ladies, with their grace and chic inherent to Her Majesty.

Adonis clothing collections always amaze with the assortment variety. They are regularly updated with new lines of which creativity reflects the latest fashion trends.

For each of our fans clothing Adonis is a safe bet to look stylish and attractive, focusing surrounding's attention on her personality and irresistibility.

Adonis is a delicate taste and elegance!

  • Call us+38(050)323-04-33
  • 100% QualityNatural fur
  • The best designsfrom our designers
  • Large gridsSize: 36-58 (euro)

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